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Stove & Oven Repair


Oven & stove are our hottest friends in the literal sense of this world. Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, all the devices tend to wear & tear, and therefore, malfunctions. In case of any unexpected breakdown, do not panic! Our specialists always stand guard of your comfort right here in North Vancouver.

local repairman on ovens Ottawa

Licensed & Insured

Affordable Rates

Same-Day Repair Service

Highly Skilled Technicians

Oven/Stove types we repair

Our repairmen are well-prepared to eliminate all the possible malfunctions and install or diagnose all the existing Stoves & Ovens such as:

  • Electric ovens & stoves
  • Convention ovens
  • Induction ovens
  • Gas ovens & stoves

Common oven/stove problems

We aren't afraid of the malfunction’s scale: we fix it! The most common troubles we are ready to eliminate:

  • Overheating ovens
  • Error codes
  • Ovens that make noise
  • Ovens that are not heating
  • Ovens that are not turning on properly and more

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Minutes and hours are our foremost allies and enemies at the same time. Therefore, if we are talking about malfunctions, there is no time for delay! And North Vancouver Appliance Repair is prepared to give you a helping hand around the clock as soon as possible! Call us and get all the advantages of our services right now!


"High prices have no chances!" Budget-friendly fees for services are as valuable in these COVID-19 times as never before! That is why we developed an affordable price list for everyone! These are not just words. Thus, we won't count the call fee on your bill if you book an appointment!


Your trust is our main priority. That is why we have a team of conscientious and EPA-certified technicians who use only new parts to perform the best productivity of your device ever! Our staff passes the frequent recertification to suit all the modern standards.

Customer reviews

What others say about Appliance Repairs Ottawa



Matthew Hernandez

My washer was working well, but sometimes it leaked and made a strange noise. I didn’t call any service center till it suddenly broke down. North Vancouver Appliance Repair solved that issue and thank them for that. 5 stars!



Abigail Davis

I found an old stove in the garage at my granny’s. It suited well to her old house and looked kind of antique so I decided to restore it. I ordered the stove examination from Appliance Repair. After the inspection, they offered me a repair plan with a detailed description of every issue the equipment had. Anyway, such a repair cost me less than the new stove, so why not. Repairmen fixed the stove and now it looks like a new one. Hope it not only looks like that but will also work well for ages.

Licensed Repair Of All Appliance Brands in Ottawa

General Electric

Appliance Repair in North Vancouver

Searching for trust & decent repair service in North Vancouver appears a daunting task. Besides, it is much more complicated to find a great balance between quality & price. Our company has a harmonious combination of professional skills and affordable costs and ready to repair, install or diagnose your unit around the clock.

North Vancouver Appliance Repair strongly encourages you not to replace any slightly broken unit with a fresh one. The reason is not only because of the high price. Worldwide manufacturers often use cheaper components, creating their new generations of devices to increase their quantity and, therefore, the company’s profit and your malfunction headache. 

“Old friends and old wine are the best.” 

We cope with all the appliances from gas & electric to residential & commercial. 

Our EPA-certified engineers have enough skills to provide professional resistance to your breakdowns. We repair all existing brands, such as LG, GE, Samsung, Whirlpool, Kitchenaid, Maytag, Bosch, Electrolux etc.  Call us right now and book a suitable time for an appointment.

Your local business

Our success grew from the seed of your trust & confidence in the services we offer. And customers are the reason for the further pursuit of excellence. That is why we have the most hard-working staff in our city!

North Vancouver Appliance Repair realizes the harmful impact of the pandemic on our wallets to the full extent. Thus, we developed a new price list with decreased prices and the opportunity to get a discount of up to 30 dollars. Moreover, we won’t count the call fee on your bill if you book an appointment!

Quality and professionalism guaranteed

“To compete means to develop, to develop means to compete.”

Providing you with first-class repair services is the primary goal of the company. Our EPA-certified staff evolves its skills from day to day and is ready to repair all the devices regardless of their type or brand. Engineers use only OEM parts, and it is the main guarantor of your appliances’ long life.

Emergency same day appliance repair

Time is the leading teammate in case of a sudden malfunction. That is why our professionals are always here to support you with any urgent repair around the clock, even on holidays. Call & get it right now!

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North Vancouver Appliance Repair’s ultimate goal is to provide high-quality, effective, long-lasting appliance repair services in North Vancouver for a fair price. Whenever you need appliance repair help, our licensed technicians are always for you in North Vancouver and surrounding areas. Our team is equipped with all the necessary vehicles, tools and parts to ensure you get a quick and reliable repair service.

We work 24/7, including holidays and weekends. Email or call us to book an urgent, same-day appliance repair appointment in North Vancouver.