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emergency dryer repairNothing beats cozy and freshly dried clothes. It can be terribly inconvenient to discover your dryer does not work when you need your freshly dried clothes the most. Sometimes it is also quite difficult to find a really knowledgeable dryer serviceman who will fix your appliance without any extra costs and unexpected expenditures.

Repairs are much cheaper than buying a new appliance. We offer same-day service on your schedule anywhere in North Vancouver, so you save both money and time. We are here for you in case of emergency, because we provide emergency dryer repair, 24/7. 

Our experienced and trained professionals will fix your dryer in North Vancouver no matter what kind of damage there is. 

Our local dryer technicians will repair all dryers, of any models and brands, including: Samsung, LG, Kitchenaid, Kenmore, Whirlpool, Maytag, GE, Bosch, Electrolux etc. 

Feel free to book a same-day appliance repair anytime. Your local repairman is always ready to fix your appliance with fixed and transparent pricing.


Phone: (778) 357-1225

Address: Unit 335 - 901 3rd Street West North Vancuver, BC V7P 3P9

Our customer service department is open 24/7, 365 days a year including weekends & holidays. 


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